Pins I have tried – everlasting spring onions

If only I could drag myself away from Pinterest, I’d be a lot more productive. In an attempt to combat this, I created a board to collate all those pins I have tried. Admittedly, this board is currently looking pretty sparse, but over time I’m confident it will grow to accommodate the 2000  or so craft/cookery/exercise  projects that I’m going to be squeezing in

Here’s one I ‘ve been trying for a while now.

Everlasting spring onions

The promise:

Simply place the root ends of your used spring onions in water and bingo, new spring onions spring forth for eternity.

The reality:

Flacid shoots festering in stinky onion jus. It semi-works but maybe I don’t have enough light this time of year as the roots haven’t bundled as per photo either. Will persevere though as it’s nice having some greenery on the window sill.



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The thing I love about these cards is that they make use of those tiny scraps of gorgeous paper that I can not bring myself to throw away. They are a little fiddly, but I’m sure no one ever died from getting glue stick on their fingers.

Happy birthday tally card

These stunning earrings from Nina Gibson Designs were the original inspiration; proof that the most simple ideas are often the best ones.

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Screenprinting course at Snap Studio

The Snap Studio is home to a collective of talented screenprinters, whose colourful offerings I have admired for several years now. I was lucky enough to be given a one day course with Simon Tozer and have not shut up about it cannot speak highly enough of the experience. The workshop constraints mean that each course is open to just 3 participants, allowing plenty of opportunity for questions and chat (plus bountiful teas and coffees). Simon expertly guided us novices through the various procedures required to create the screen and we then spent most of the afternoon creating prints, carefully chosing the colours like kids in sweet shop. It was an inspiring day that left me hungry to do more.

Here are some of the more succesful outputs.

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